City Hearts | 2019
Creative Production
Art Direction
Talent Booking
CONCEPT: Your money's no good here... The Forgotten Fair is a 20x60 market place where the only currency accepted is emotional currency. Curated for City Hearts, Desert Hearts LA based music festival, the center geodesic dome housed main stage theatrical performances while four outside activations featured experiences that awakened the 5 senses.

Immersive characters roamed throughout the day, passing our Sock Pins as patrons invitation to the Forgotten Fair which opened for business in the evening.

Activations included: "Lola's Apothecary", a tasting/smelling booth for elixirs named after childhood memories; the "Coloring Book", a white walled room to express yourself through art; "Paid Time Off", a dreamlike campfire for heart opening workshops; and "Remember How to Fly", a flight simulation for those who had forgotten.