Desert Hearts | 2019
Lightning in a Bottle | 2019
Creative Production
Art Direction
Talent Booking
CONCEPT:  Forgotten Fort: The last place you’re looking for. Designed for multiple large scale music festivals, the 40x60 immersive space hosts a variety of nostalgic thematic performances that are intended to appear spontaneous and organic. Impromptu stage acts include Clown, Poetry Readings, Burlesque and Dramatic Stories, while the space offers six intimate breakout activations for audiences to interact with the characters.

The Fort represents all things lost between adolescence and adulthood. It is the manifestation of the everyone's childhood safe haven that shows up when and where it’s needed to help patrons find what they have forgotten.

Where have all our missing socks gone? Our childhood toys? Our innocence? Our dreams? Rediscover it all in the Forgotten Fort.
"..The creative depths that this team experimented with were so far from reality. You could honestly get lost in the fort for hours, possibly finding something you were searching for all along" -The Drop

"Instead of bouncers, there are two jesters, who demand their choice form of payment: performance"
- MixMag