Dirtybird Campout
October | 2019, 2021, 2022
Creative Production
Art Direction
Talent Booking
Original Show Design
CONCEPT: Dirtybird Campout is the record labels flagship event that marries the conventional music festival with the aesthetics of an adult summer camp. Outside of the two main music stages are Claude's Cabin, a variety stage, the games field where color teams compete throughout the weekend, Craftopia, as well as food vendors, bars, and merchandise. What separates it from other events, is each festival activity is hosted by one of the musical artists. Fans enjoy activities like archery, potato sack races, screen printing and tie-dyeing with their favorite DJ's.

Worked with Exec. Creative Director, Barclay Crenshaw, to conceptualize + implement all aesthetics (from shade to structures), curate original Dirtybird stage shows, and book all variety talent for stage and outside activations.
"It is a living, breathing example of what can happen when artists and fans alike drop their egos and convene in the name of fun. While the music plays a major role in the skeletal frame of the festivities, it takes a well-deserved break.. " -