May | 2015-2019
Founder |Exec. Prod.
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CONCEPT: BiG Fire Comedy Festival is California's first ever overnight / outdoor comedy festival.

Founded by Garrett Mendez and myself, BiG Fire began as a one-day event, at a family campsite in Ojai, CA with 3 renegade stages, artwork taken straight off living rooms walls and making sure the neighbors didn’t narc. BiG Fire brought comics and patrons together under the stars to laugh at the absurdity of life.

Over the course of 4 years, the event became a 3 day festival that doubled in attendance every year. The barren desert was transformed with three comedy stages and one music stage, workshops, art installations to explore and the wildest entertainment spanning from sunset to sunrise. With a focus on connection, inclusivity, and community, BiG Fire not only created a space for performers of all kinds to share their work outside a comedy club, but provided a myriad of other opportunities to engage, play and grow as a human and/or artist.
"...stands out like a rainbow-colored cactus in a bowl full of apples and oranges"