SF Love Fest | 2023
Creative Director
Creative Producer
Talent Booking
CONCEPT:  Love is Found Family.
Designed specifically for San Francisco's two-day "Love Fest" event at the Civic Center, the 10x20 street corner was transformed into an immersive space for people to engage with Benefit Cosmetics theme for Pride "Love is Found Family."

Amongst the bustling energy of rainbows and tutus, you hear people loudly humming the classic wedding tune. You find an empty seat with an envelope of rose petal confetti waiting for you. You throw the petals into the air as two girlfriends walk hand in hand down the aisle toward a fabulously dressed drag queen officiant. She welcomes all the queers to the ceremony, says a short speech about loving whoever the fuck you want, loudly and proudly and announces the couple Wife and Wife. After a big sloppy kiss, the drag officiant signs a Benefit Cosmetics faux wedding certificate and the brides are encouraged to throw their bouquets into the audience to see who will get married next.

Love Loudly, Love Proudly.